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Debbie Moose's cookbooks are a rich blend of fantastic recipes and Debbie's great humor. Chock full of delicious Southern favorites, you are sure to find the perfect recipe, whether you are planning for an event, or just an unforgettable meal.

Southern Holidays “Carolina Catch: Cooking North Carolina Fish and Shellfish from Mountains to Coast”

"Starting with a quick mountains-to-sea tour explaining how fisheries have created cultures and communities across North Carolina, Debbie Moose offers a friendly and enlightening cookbook that will both comfort and embolden the fish-fearful while tantalizing those of us who love the bounty of our state's rivers and coastline. Featuring recipes and species suggestions that open a wide world of good eating, Carolina Catch shows that one of the best ways to steward our precious fisheries is to recognize the seasonality of North Carolina's seafood and cook with it!" - Ann Cary Simpson, interim director, N.C. Catch, and photographer, Little Rivers and Waterway Tales

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Southern Holidays “Southern Holidays: A Savor the South Cookbook”

Booklist says, "She digs into the holidays with zest, including not only the standards for Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving, but also those for Epiphany (which she calls Old Christmas), peach festivals, and the Shalom Y'all Jewish Food Festival in Savannah... Maybe someone will follow her lead and declare March Madness a national holiday."

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“Buttermilk: A Savor the South Cookbook”

“Smart, informative and funny. Debbie Moose's admiration for buttermilk shines through. Full of old favorites as well as new and unusual choices, this little volume will be of much use to home cooks even as it documents our regional culture.” - Bill Smith, cookbook author and James Beard Award-winning chef at Crook's Corner, Chapel Hill, N.C.

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“Deviled Eggs: 50 Recipes From Simple to Sassy”

Publishers Weekly says, “Moose is serious about eggs. She knows how to keep the yolks centered (store eggs on their sides) and how to prevent Green Yolk Phenomenon (don’t turn up the heat). But the author also wants to show readers there’s ‘life beyond paprika.’

In this cute tome, she draws on family recipes (such as Cousin Judy’s Deviled Eggs, which call for Worcestershire Sauce and Old Bay seasoning), seasonal influences (like Springtime Herb Delights) and regional fare (e.g., Bella Tuscany, which includes rosemary, capers and sun-dried tomatoes). The recipes are short and easy to follow, and most call for basic ingredients that many cooks will already have in their cupboards.”

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“Fan Fare: A Playbook of Great Recipes for Tailgating or Watching the Game at Home”

Publishers Weekly says, “Moose, author of Deviled Eggs, tells it like it is when she says, ‘all fervent sports fans know, the day truly is won or lost in the tailgate.’ Bringing together more than 100 game–day recipes, Moose gives her readers a serious advantage over any challengers.

Dishes run the gamut from simple fried onion blossoms (Jo Ann’s Campfire style) to sophisticated Marinated Gamecocks with Polenta to regional staples like Sweet Potato Ham Biscuits and Mint Juleps. It wouldn’t be game day without chicken wings, and Moose offers teriyaki, tandoori and spice–rubbed variations as well as ones that can be prepared in a slow cooker.

Many recipes can be made in advance, such as Munchable Marinated Shrimp, four kinds of chili and a spicy coleslaw that gets a kick from jalapenos and cayenne. And with desserts like Bourbon–Pecan Pie (not to mention three types of Bloody Marys) to pick up a despondent fan, this cookbook will make for a successful season no matter what the home team does on the field.”

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“Wings: More Than 50 High-Flying Recipes for America’s Favorite Snack”

When it comes to hearty, satisfying snacks, one food rules the roost - wings. This full–color cookbook gives you 65 terrific recipes that demonstrate just how deliciously versatile wings can befrom easy choices like Crunchy Lemon–Pepper Wings to incendiary Vindaloo Vipers and exotic Wings Go Coconutty. Watch your parties take off with wings like these!

If you're a fledgling wings chef, Moose shows how easy it is to turn out perfect fried, baked, and grilled wings–and impress guests with easy–but–delicious recipes like Crispy Italian Fliers and Crunchy Lemon–Pepper Wings. If you like your wings hot and spicy, she shows you how to blast off with incendiary recipes ranging from Classic Buffalo Wings to Mole Ole, Tangy Thai Wings, and Vindaloo Vipers. And if you're looking for wings that are truly out of this world, try out exotic delights like Wings Go Coconutty, Chinese Five–Spice Chicks, and Ginger–Lime Wings with Rum Glaze.

Complete with recipes for sauces, dips, and salsas that can elevate plain wings into something extraordinary, Wings delivers everything you need to create the perfect party menu. So invite your friends, cook up some special wings, and watch the party take off.

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“Potato Salad: 65 Recipes from Classic to Cool”

When it comes to picnics, patio parties, and potlucks, one side dish reigns supreme—potato salad. Creamy or chunky, mellow or tangy, a salad starring spuds is guaranteed to tickle your taste buds—and bring out the best in other foods. This one–of–a–kind cookbook brings you 65 spectacular potato salad recipes–one for every palate and every plate.

Potato salad is not just a starchy buddy to your hamburger. It has a proud place in cultures around the world, from German oil–and–vinegar salads with bacon to dill–accented Scandinavian delights. And, of course, it's the all–American side dish at every Fourth of July picnic. But this great dish deserves to shine year-round. In this book are the flavors of beloved favorites, but with new twists. Other recipes bring in international touches. So, take potato salad to stardom. Go spud wild.

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