May the calories be with you

No, that burger at Quick fast food restaurants in Belgium isn’t burned, it’s the Darth Vader burger. The chain is offering the burger with unidentified toppings (Jar-Jar Binks chili, perhaps?)  on a black-dyed bun to mark the release of “Star Wars: Episode 1” in 3D. Although they spelled the villain’s name as “Dark Vador.”

The Darth Maul burger (they misspelled him, too) isn’t as evil, with only black seeds on the top of the bun. Of course, the Jedi burger’s bun is a pristine white. But I’m not sure if those are chunks of onion or – Obi-Wan forbid – mini-marshmallows on top. Look for yourself here.

That black bun is more off-putting than being trapped in the Millenium Falcon with a soggy wookie. George Lucas, call your copyright lawyer, please.