Food news roundup

Germs, germs everywhere. Bwahahaha! Banish the baddies with advice from the Charlotte (N.C.) Observer on how to get a kitchen really clean. And you don’t need a flamethrower, but it does make cleaning more fun. Read more here. It’s in The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) as well, where Andrea Weigl admits her failure at dining primarily from her pantry. Gee, thanks for reminding me about all that corn in my freezer.

Wine and basketball? Whoa, is the universe off its axis? The Independent Weekly (Durham, N.C.) seriously posits the theory that the fruit of the vine can accompany hoops as well as the mash of the hops. Read more here.

The Zenchilada, an eclectic online magazine based in New Mexico, ranges around the country. The new issue has an article by Chapel Hill baker April McGreger on using wild greens.

We have tiger’s blood, tiger mothers and now, “A Tiger in the Kitchen.” The book is about Cheryl Tan’s rediscovery of her family history and cooking of Singapore. Read more in the Sacramento Bee, here.

Another way in which the Chinese are eating our lunch: They can actually carry eggs in a bag, instead of padded and pouched in cartons, as we soft Americans do. Read about that phenomenon and more in TheChinaRogect, a former Raleighite’s adventures in China.

Sure, anyone can tailgate for NASCAR or football in a plain, old car. But it takes someone special to tailgate in a tricked-out garbage truck. See it and other rigs at TailgatingIdeas.