Hail to the bison

Well, it appears that some people are all in a swivet about the menu for today’s Presidential Inauguration Luncheon. Apparently a diet group analyzed the menu and said it contains 3,000 calories.

Well, what do you expect them to serve at a luncheon for the inauguration of our 44th president – fat-free yogurt and granola bars? I believe many of those calories were pre-shivered off during the long wait outside. And the Obamas will be walking later, so they’ll get in some exercise. No to mention poor, old Beyonce, who’s probably still burning calories breastfeeding.

And, hey, if you only eat like this every four years, you’re doing pretty good in the diet department.

The menu pretty darn good to me, especially since I had chicken and rice soup with a pastrami sandwich and a clementine while I was watching the inauguration.