Food News Roundup

If the SUVs and minivans clogging the streets around my house weren’t a big clue, The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) let me know that school is about to start. (I live near an elementary school.) Here it offers advice for making feeding kids easier and less stressful.

When the Charlotte (N.C.) Observer’s Kathleen Purvis and I took a trip to New York in May, she was carrying on about what she termed “cooking anachronisms” in the popular novel “The Help.” She’s still on a tear, and you can read her thoughts here.

More on packing those school lunches is in the Salisbury (N.C) Post, here. Almond butter and jelly? Hmmm.

There’s plenty of heat left in this summer, and if you’re done with the same old banana Popsicles and chocolate ice cream, the Independent Weekly (Durham, N.C.) has tales of local makers of creative frozen sweets. Read more here.

Things have settled down in the Triangle after the Great Quake of ’11 (I heard that a lawn chair got knocked over in North Raleigh). In Charleston, S.C., a microbrewery and bakery are each marking the 125th anniversary of the city’s 1886 earthquake with guess what? Beer and cupcakes. Read more here.

NestMeg finds a sweet way to mark one year of blogging. Yes, it involves chocolate.

Herbs are busting their pots here at the end of the summer. The Detroit Free Press has suggestions for ways to use them here.

Even high-end restaurants face the challenges of gluten-free diners. The San Francisco Chronicle here says here that chef Thomas Keller has created a new gluten-free flour.


Part of a wholesome breakfast

Nutella is a beautiful thing, no doubt. It’s catnip for adults. I put out a jar at a party once, accompanied by spoons, no nutella for breakfastcrackers or such. Guests clustered around it like drowning people who could be saved only by chocolate and hazelnut.

However, I have never viewed it as wholesome breakfast food. That’s why I fell out laughing at a TV commercial touting the spread as a good-for-you breakfast for kids. Jolly kiddies are getting ready for the day munching on what is stressed is whole-wheat bread, slathered inch-thick with Nutella. Mom is smiling, probably because she knows that when the sugar jolt hits, they’ll be in class and their teachers will have to deal with it.

The idea is on the Nutella label, too: “An example of a tasty yet balanced breakfast, a glass of skim milk, orange juice and Nutella on whole-wheat bread.” I suppose the idea is that whole wheat covers all sins. In case you were wondering, two tablespoons of the spread contains 21 grams of sugar and 11 grams of fat. Great for dessert or livening up a party, but for breakfast… As you all know, I’ve never been awarded a badge from the food police, nor do I seek one. But, come on, now.