Simmer time

I eat ice cream in January, and open windows as long as it’s over 50 degrees (to the distress of The Hub, who stacks extra quilts on his side of the bed). I don’t like to fall into stereotypical ideas like frozen treats only in summer or soup in the fall.

But the pull of the change in season is too strong, even for rebellious me.  That’s why two pots simmered on my stove yesterday, brewing freezer-stocking batches of chicken broth.

All it takes is time, which I had yesterday because I was held captive in my home while waiting for a cable TV repairman.

It also requires chicken bones, which I had in the freezer from two recent roast chickens. Yes, you can freeze the carcass – seal it in a plastic bag after removing all the edible meat from it. Into each pot went one, along with a stalk of celery, a carrot, half a large onion, a couple of cloves of garlic and three or four peppercorns. I don’t add salt because I use it as a base for other foods, and I prefer to limit my salt. Water, then three or four hours on the stove at a low simmer, adding water about halfway through. Strain into containers and freeze.

Sometimes there are good reasons for the way things are. And my freezer is full of them now.