Better BBQ through technology

Good barbecue requires all-night tending, a secret stash of wood and an old pitmaster who would chew off his own leg rather than reveal his secrets, right? Not when you break out the geeks. In IEEE Spectrum, a technology magazine, the entertaining Geek Life column details scientific efforts to build a better barbecue pit. A Texas engineer has patented an “inverted flame firebox” cooker that places the flame above the meat and, he says, prevents blackening.

But the geek barbecue prize goes to an IT guy who hooked up a conventional charcoal smoker to the same kind of system that electric utilities use to manage power plants and transmission lines. He wired a laptop to a PC fan that sits inside the smoker, which allows him to automatically control the temperature. No staying up all night during barbecue contests for this guy. Read the article here.

My beloved geeky husband alerted me to this article, although it’s looking like this site needs to be on my regular reading list. It reminds me of the time he and another techy friend plotted a temperature graph (at regular five-minute intervals, as I recall) of our turkey fryer. I’m still not sure why.