Food news roundup

It tickles me to see children under double digits in age getting into cooking. The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) has the stories of and recipes from two who won cooking competitions at the recent North Carolina State Fair. One keeps notebooks of potential taste combinations – could this be a future Iron Chef? Read about them here.

Sweet tea is the traditional accompaniment to a plate of North Carolina barbecue, or maybe a beer if your Mama’s not looking. But the Charlotte Observer offers fine wines for the swine. Read about it here.

Y’all don’t realize how tough a food writer’s job is. Read the Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal article on a sake tasting, and have sympathy. Poor Michael Hastings, having to drink all that sake, and provide information too.

Learn to make no-knead focaccia via a step-by-step video at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Couldn’t be easier. Look here.

You can’t get locally grown coffee beans here, but you can locally roast them. The Oregonian (Portland, Ore.) tells how to do it in a skillet. I’ve seen people use a Whirley-Pop popcorn popper, too. Find the technique here.