As corny as Kansas in autumn

You people think you know something about excess corn. Over on Facebook (yes, I’m over 50 and use Facebook, which means it must be passe) people have had a lot to say about my recent Sunday Dinner column. By the way, I will not load up a cooler and distribute excess frozen corn to people just because they ask for it.

I received several suggestions for creamed corn, despite the fact that I clearly stated that I needed non-dairy uses, thanks to the Hub. And to Bill D., I did force the Hub to undergo food-writer premarital testing, but he must have faked the results. Happens on “All My Children” all the time.

Bacon is non-dairy, which makes this recipe offered by Mark Hutchinson suitable, provided I use non-dairy margarine. Here it is, exactly how he wrote it.

1. Fry a rasher of bacon until crispy.
2. Set the bacon aside to dry.
3. Add one large (29 oz) or two regular size (15 oz) cans of drained whole corn to the pan with the bacon grease – in this case, Debbie would shuck enough ears to equal this volume. If the bacon was particularly fatty, you might pour off some of the grease before adding the corn.
4. Add 1/2 stick of butter
5. Keep stirring the corn as it fries.
6. When the corn has caramelized, drain excess grease.
7. Move the corn into a bowl/dish – helps if it is microwavable.
8. Crush the bacon and stir in the bits

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