Food news roundup

Last-minute Thanksgiving planners, there’s plenty of help out there for you. The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer  offers management tips and quick recipes here, including a cranberry sauce recipe I can get behind – it has jalapenos. It’s in The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.), too, along with a rundown of the Triangle’s growing craft beer movement. Read about that here.

After the eating comes the shopping, and the Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal offers gift ideas for cooks, including some fancy measuring spoons. Those may look silly, but I look at them as kitchen jewelry – it’s fun to use something funky if you cook a lot. Read more suggestions here.

And what comes after eating and shopping? The leftovers. Thanksgiving leftovers are great, but a little creativity makes them even better. There are some great-looking turkey sandwiches using cranberry sauce and Fontina cheese in the Post and Courier (Charleston, S.C.), plus other goodies.

Thanksgiving is the most conservative, food-wise, of holidays. People expect certain things, like sweet potatoes the way Grandma made them, not the way you’d like to do them, with a little chipotle and tequila. But gratins are a nice way to sneak in something new in side dishes, and the Detroit Free Press has recipes here.

In my part of the world, there’s no over-the-river-in-the-snow Thanksgiving. Which means we can grill to our hearts’ content. For, I’ve offered a menu that puts most of the meal out of the house and over the coals. There are other recipes here as well.

Courtesy of USA Today, we have today’s wackiest Thanksgiving-related phrase: Beltsville Poultry Semen Extender. Find out what it is here.

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