It was a big weekend for celebrations at Moose Manor. First, we applauded my friend Chuck’s acceptance into graduate school, and the start of a new career life, at Zely & Ritz in Raleigh. The food was great (particularly the Mexican Chocolate Cake with chili ice cream, a dessert that bites back). But you know you’ve had a good time when your wine bill is bigger than your food bill.

My husband, the designated driver, was coherent enough to write down the names of the wines we consumed. They included a sweetish Riesling – I’m usually not a fan of Riesling, but it went well with the tartness of the seviche appetizer, and made the honoree happy. But I haven’t been coherent enough to ask him for the notes.

On Sunday, we spurred the Tar Heels to victory while chomping on grilled burgers, green bean salad and tart slaw. Wings would’ve been great, too. But it felt like a red-meat day. It’s Final Four time, baby!

Also, your humble blogger got a little recognition from The Independent. Thanks, y’all!

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  • Comment from Christian

    It’s funny that you mention the Mexican chocolate cake with the chocolate chili ice cream – my girlfriend and I took a break from watching basketball to enjoy a couple of drinks and dessert at Zely & Ritz this past weekend, and yes, that dessert was sublime! I love Z&R and they are always doing inventive things with delicious ingredients.

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