Man vs. squirrel

The furry rodents will not defeat me. I spent part of the lovely Sunday replacing my pots of lettuce. The originals vanished at the paws of squirrels. They didn’t just eat the lettuce, they dragged the whole plants off to their little nut lairs somewhere. Now, I have new red romaine and green leaf lettuce plants, and I want them to stay around.

Those who have read Beatrix Potter one too many times think squirrels are cute. A friend tried to persuade me to take a gentler, cooperative approach. Humph. This is war. Besides, there are plenty of pine cones in my yard – let ’em eat pine nuts.

I know from past experience with a bird feeder that squirrels will chew plastic to bits. I put wire around the pots. That ought to keep their hairy mitts off my future salad.

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