Food news roundup

The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer rips the peel off the baby carrot controversy today. Like I’ve been telling y’all, those stubby  “baby carrots” in plastic bags aren’t really infant root vegetables – they’re just big ones shaved down by a machine. Real baby carrots are a whole different taste sensation. Read more here. It’s in The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.), too.

There’s a spread on mustard in the Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal. Hey, at least I didn’t say anything about cutting it. I often make mustard as gifts, and the instructions here show how easy it is to make flavorful mustards.

The culture surrounding salmon is something many diners don’t think about when eating the popular fish. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune examines the place of salmon in native cultures and makes you look at the fish differently. Read more here. And food editor Lee Svitak Dean and her staff recently received an Emmy for their Baking Central video on Irish soda bread. You can see that at the link as well.

If the kids are big enough to go to school, they’re big enough to make their own after-school snacks. And the Miami Herald has recipes for treats the little darlings can prepare themselves. Whether they’ll clean up after themselves is another story. It’s all here.

Atlanta Journal Constitution columnist John Kessler trumpets the uses of a little-known ingredient, Turkish pepper paste, a blend of sweet and hot delight. Read about the paste and how to use it here.

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