Food news roundup

It’s strawberry picking time! The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) has recipes and a list of the area’s pick-your-own farms. Grab a bucket and head here.

Kathleen Purvis at The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer muses on what makes a great cookbook. Hint: It’s not how many times you yell “Bam!” on TV. See if you agree with her here.

The Independent Weekly (Durham, N.C.) gives the ol’ raspberry to the idea that the bumpy fruit is hard to grow in North Carolina. Don’t miss the author’s Favorite Raspberry Breakfast Recipe. I definitely share the sentiment. Read it here.

As cook at the Duke University Marine Lab in Beaufort, N.C. for 34 years, Sylvester Murray has prepared food for people from all over the world who come to study at the lab. He his collected his recipes in a book, and the story is in the Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal, here.

Pasta is classic, versatile and just good – and, apparently, preparing it is still frightening to many people. If you seek perfect pasta, look no further than the Dallas Morning News. It’s all explained here.

As the old song goes, “sixteen tons, and whaddya get?” For one Boston bakery, it was a French brick-and-copper oven that weighed that much and cost $90,000. Read about it in the Boston Globe, here.

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