A team rises in Alabama

Except for NASCAR results on Mondays, I usually stop reading the sports pages after college basketball season is over. There’s no point. Tennis? Golf? As long as my prescription for sleep aids holds out, who needs ’em? Baseball? That involves sitting outdoors in North Carolina heat and insects. Even with flowing beer, that’s not my favorite thing to do in July.

However, as I scanned a recent section and tried to figure out how to pronounce the name of the new Wake Forest University basketball coach, I noticed an interesting food-related baseball fact. There is a team called the Montgomery Biscuits. The Alabama team beat the Carolina Mudcats this week.

Biscuits? According to the team web site, the name was the pick of a name-the-team contest entered by more than 3,000 people. I know they love their Southern food in Alabama, but I never thought they’d name a team after such a soft and flaky item. Seems not to be the most flattering choice for a tough-guy team,  but it does work with the team colors: butter and blue.

Biscuits are shot from an air cannon during games, and fans can sing team songs leavened with puns.

The team’s mascot is Big Mo, which is described as “a fuzzy orange beast who loves biscuits.” Big Mo looks like a small elephant with arms and white gloves. Fans of the team, which just started its sixth season, can also purchase Monty the Biscuit dolls. Monty resembles a stuffed biscuit with feet and eyes, and what looks like a pat of butter in its mouth. Well, I am making an assumption here – it could be low-cholesterol margarine.

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