Veg out

I ate my way through three states in October, including the annual pork-fest that is the Southern Foodways Alliance annual symposium in Oxford, MS. My husband and I determined that everything we consumed (except, perhaps the desserts and beer, and I’m not so sure about the beer) contained the lovely pig. The final brunch at City Grocery included what was said to be Tabasco-cured bacon, although my pieces didn’t have any heat. But it was bacon, lovely bacon.

Well, now I’m trying to compensate for chewing a path of destruction across state lines (Rendezous ribs in Memphis, mmm….). Time for my classic vegetable soup. It’s nothing fancy. A cup or so of chopped celery and carrots, two cups of chopped onions. Cook those for five minutes or so in olive oil in a soup pot until they’re soft, not brown. Add a cup or so of peeled, chopped potatoes and a can of diced tomatoes (the petite diced are great). Then, at least four cups of chicken stock and/or water, or enough to cover all the ingredients well. Bring the pot to a boil, reduce the heat to simmer, cover the pot and cook for 30 minutes or so.

When time’s up, add a cup or so of chopped cabbage and warm just until the cabbage is done, a few minutes only. You have a simple soup that also freezes great, so make extra.

Provide some chunks of good bread, and this meal hits that ever-elusive spot that we aim for. And makes me think I’m making up for the fried oysters and sausages of the past month.

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