Olympic eating

My friend Elizabeth is a fan of the Olympics. Well, of the opening ceremonies. Well, of commenting on the athletes’ uniforms during the opening ceremonies. Anyway, she has a tradition of holding a party at which friends watch the opening, comment on the outfits and discuss the ceremonies in general. (We’re still trying to figure out what that Barcelona show was all about.)

Guests bring dishes that reflect the host country. The years that the Summer Olympics were in Greece and Italy, thinking of good food was a breeze. This year’s Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, which open Friday, is more challenging. What’s Canadian besides maple syrup and Canadian bacon? I assume that those two ingredients will be amply represented on the buffet, so I’ve been looking for alternatives.

I found a reference to a Vancouver bar that has created a special drink for the event called the Silver: Clam and tomato juices, chile peppers, horseradish and beef jerky-infused vodka. That drink should get a gold medal for Drink Likely to Create the Most Violent Hangover Ever.

I also found a mention of something called Poutine, which seems to resemble chili-cheese fries. Except with beef gravy and cheese curds. Combine that with the Silver and you’re going to do several triple-quads around the porcelain god.

Vancouver, like the Pacific Northwest, is salmon country. My party contribution will be some simple appetizers using slices of smoked salmon and cucumbers. No gravy.

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