See ya, CSA

Well, the summer of the CSA is over and it was a ton of fun. I stretched my cooking muscles, worked on improvising and it all just tasted good.

The final box contained green beans, eggplant, collards and some fall squashes – acorn and butternut. On the first chilly, autumn-like day, I combined the squashes for a golden-colored soup. You can cook acorn or butternut squash in the microwave or boil the chunks, but I think roasting gives a better flavor. I tossed in some onion to roast as well. When they were all done, about 45 minutes, I combined them with a little butter, homemade chicken stock, garlic and some dried aleppo pepper, which has a mild heat but lots of earthy flavor. I kept it simple, because I knew the vegetables would taste so good.

If you love to make soup and don’t own an immersion blender, get one today. It makes the work so much easier. With it, the most time-consuming part of making my soup was waiting for the squashes and onion to roast.

The soup was perfect for the cloudy, rainy day. But a little bacon on the top would have really lifted it up, and I’ll add some the next time I make the soup. Bacon makes everything better. I’m having that printed on T-shirts.

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