Food news roundup

If you think “vegan” is a four-letter word, hold up. There’s something we can learn from that style of cooking, and Andrea Weigl at the News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) tells us about it in the food section today. Read more here.

I love breakfast, and apparently a lot of other people do, too. The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer asked readers to write in with their breakfast memories. Kathleen Purvis brings the food and memories of chorizo, salsa, matzoh, omelets made to ELO (kept that college record collection, huh?) and more. It’s here.

Something new on the cart: Bison hot dogs. A Winston-Salem, N.C. joint is serving them, and the story is in the Winston-Salem Journal here.

The mystery of an exploding Christmas goose is explored in the New Orleans Times Picayune today. Could alcohol have been involved? Duh, it’s New Orleans. Find out here.

I will grab a merlot instead of most other things in wine bottles (except champagne).  I’m even a red-wine-with-fish gal. Bill Daley talks about merlots and microclimates in today’s Chicago Tribune, here.

Flu-fighting soups are up at The Oregonian (Portland, Ore.). Get your dose of goodness here.

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