Shut your mouth

On the last Funk Friday on WSHA – the great jazz station at Shaw University in Raleigh – they featured the music of the late Isaac Hayes. Yes, they played “Shaft,” and, yes, I danced around the kitchen to it, badly imitating the high-pitched backup girls. Funk Friday, starting at 4 p.m., is a great show, especially for cooking to as the weekend is so close you can touch it. You should check it out – you’ll get your minimum weekly requirement of James Brown.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Hayes was found dead of a stroke next to a running treadmill, bless his heart. I always suspected exercise was fatal. Should it be my fate to be found dead next to something, I assure you it will not be a piece of recently used exercise equipment, but perhaps a pile of Lindt Bittersweet 70-percent cacao chocolate bar wrappers.

The funk was inspiring me to use a handful of okra from the CSA box and some fresh corn from the farmers market to make some fritter-like things. Corn kernels, chopped okra, red onion, cayenne, salt and pepper, some egg, flour and cornmeal, fried in vegetable oil to a crispy goldenness. Fortunately, the fact that a house got hit by lightning about three doors away that afternoon didn’t affect my power supply.

There are no photos of these fried cakes because my husband and I ate them all up. They were some baaad muthers.

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3 Responses to “Shut your mouth”

  • Can’t resist, Moose. They were some baaaad muthers. But you couldn’t shut your mouth.
    I’m just talking about fritters.

  • Comment from VaNC

    Hey, we can dig it.

  • Comment from Jan Norris

    Oh, Moose. I’m so lucky to be living in Riviera Beach where okra grows in my backyard Winn Dixie (big grin). I can make them fresh!

    I shouldn’t complain — I do have coconuts, bananas, ackee and macadamias growing in my lil’ patch of seaside here. Those make a different kind of fritter — best dispatched with a glass of my pink rum punch watchin’ the boaters at the marina across the street try to reload their boats after a day of alleged fishing. Great sport, that.

    Sigh: Still, hard for this little Southerner to get her Dixie fix now and then. Your blog does it for me, and your tune references make my music guy happy, too.

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