Food news roundup

The Winston-Salem Journal in Winston-Salem, N.C. (my hometown), has a recipe today for a black walnut-chocolate pie which won a baking contest at the Black Walnut Festival in nearby Bethania, a historic Moravian settlement. Read about it here. Love those old-time cooks!

If you want to drink at the coast, Liz Biro’s blog in the Wilmington Star News in Wilmington, N.C. has information on a celebration of the history of North Carolina wines. More here.

In honor of Halloween, the Charlotte Observer in Charlotte, N.C. has tales of cooking nightmares and the lobster that would not die. Read more, if you dare, here.

I happen to love Brussels sprouts. Say what you want. I don’t care. The San Francisco Chronicle has an Asian-inspired recipe for roasted ones that might sway the skeptical. It’s here.

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  • Comment from VaNC

    We love brussel sprouts here, so I checked out the recipe. Looked great, but WOW thats a lot of ingredients. My kids gobble them up just roasted with salt, pepper and olive oil….I am a purist I guess. I find myself doing that all the time….”well, I could use this yummy recipe for this vegetable…or I could just roast it” and in the oven they go. Maybe I am just lazy?!

  • Comment from Debbie

    It’s hard to beat roasting anything, except with grilling. Grilled BS, especially if you can find the ones still on the stalk, mmm. Try a little balsamic vinegar on the roasted ones sometime. I had some restaurant dish once in which they had removed all the little leaves from the BS and deep fried them like chips. A little too much work for me.

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