A natural for juice

If you see a big, aqua bus pumping out African or reggae music and the grind of blenders, then you know you’ve found Liberacion Juice Station. Since July, the biodiesel-fueled mobile juice and smoothie bar has appeared at the Durham Farmers Market, Chatham Marketplace in Pittsboro and other spots, most recently the Pittsboro Pepper Festival on Sunday.

The venture’s “Creatrix & Juice Artist Extraordinaire,” as her business cards say, is Zulayka Santiago, former director of El Pueblo Inc., who sees this business as another form of serving the community. ” I wanted to provide fresh food for the community, and be creative,” she said. Santiago, who was born in Puerto Rico, named the bus Dona Victoria, after her grandmother.

Santiago uses organic ingredients and purchases as many of them locally as possible. The menu changes with the seasons and her creative whims. A blend of carrot, Granny Smith apple, ginger and a little agave nectar (sweetener made from the agave plant) results in a beverage with such a striking orange color that you feel healthier just looking at it. The Luscious Monkey includes banana, peanut butter, hemp and almond milk (the stand is vegan friendly with no animal products used, except bee pollen on request). Santiago says a perennial favorite is the Green Liberacion: kale, banana, prune, ginger, flax and apple juice. The vividly green drink is sweet and smooth, and you can see why kids like it, besides the UFO-like color (it might be the only way many of them would ever consume kale). Agave and honey are used as sweeteners, and herbal additions are available.

To keep up with the Station’s travels and see photos of the polka-dotted bus, visit here.

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  • oh ms. moose!!!

    how totally wonderful to have you grace us with your brilliant presence on saturday! i so enjoyed meeting you, and GREATLY enjoyed reading the piece you wrote!!! mil gracias (1,000 thanks) and may your days be full of JOY! ~zulayka

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