Lettuce alone

My fall crop of red leaf lettuce is threatened by a determined squirrel. In lieu of building a bomb shelter or learning to can, it has decided to try to store its nasty snacks in my pots of lettuce plants. My dream was to stroll out my back door and gather crunchy autumn salads. Mere days after planting, I found soil tossed all over the patio and plants flung aside. Today, I caught the stinkin’ thing headed for an as-yet undisturbed pot on the patio table. I waved a cat at him and yelled.

This is not the first time that squirrels have dug my patio plants. The first time I planted oregano, I saw a squirrel jump into the plant and roll around like he was taking a bath. The herbs were flattened. Days later, I saw it happen again – he was definitely rolling, not digging. Was he freshening himself up for a ladyfriend? Who knows.

Anyway, this means war. Cayenne on the soil? That ought to give the ratty critter a hot foot.

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