Pig (and cow and bird) skin action

Vegetarians, bless your hearts, the Super Bowl isn’t your holiday. I’ve never once seen tofu sausage balls at a party on the big day.

To underscore the carnivorous nature of the big game, which is coming up this Sunday, have a look at these stadium models made of cold cuts (with some crunchy snacks and Rice Krispie treats). My thanks to Jan Norris for alerting me to these masterpieces of the meat arts.

It’s not too early to start thinking about the game day menu. There are several ways to approach it. There’s the grazer option: A continuous supply of finger food such as guacamole, wings, deviled eggs, the aforementioned sausage balls, etc. This allows for continuous feeding to maintain a level game-watching energy.

Another is the bowl game idea: A few snacks until half time, when you bring out  big pots of chili (beefy chili, that is). The danger in this approach is you run the risk, as the host, of being so busy putting out the food that you miss a possible wardrobe malfunction. But it does give your guests something more substantive to absorb any beverages.

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