Ditching dairy II

Just wanted to say that the French toast with almond milk was fabulous on Sunday. I used a conventional recipe and just substituted almond milk for regular milk. Use challah, a nice, soft, eggy bread, no matter what kind of recipe you’re using. It adds a wonderful richness, and I can slice the whole loaf as thick as I like. Another old friend back on our Sunday morning breakfast menu.

Friends have suggested trying hemp milk because it’s thicker than soy milk. It’s a little harder to find around here – almond milk is right there in my favorite conventional supermarket. Hemp milk is made from nuts or seeds of industrial hemp plants (no, you won’t relive Woodstock by drinking it).

It was also recommended by the vegan daughter of an old friend. For her high school senior project, she wrote a vegan baking cookbook and asked me to be her mentor. I didn’t have to do much – the teen has been baking for her family, which includes a vegetarian sister and a brother with food issues, for years. She has adapted chocolate chip scones, peanut butter cookies and other goodies. I plan to start working my way through this soon – although, being a carnivore, I will probably put eggs back in. I’ve suggested she think about publishing a cookbook someday, since not just vegans but also people like my husband might be interested. And it doesn’t hurt that she looks like a young Nigella Lawson.

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