Food News Roundup

Church ladies long were responsible for the food at church suppers and fundraisers. But as this in The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) points out, church guys are in the act, too. And I bet they aren’t stuck in those flowered hats. The big dog of church food-related fundraisers – Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church’s Greek Festival – takes place this weekend at the N.C. State Fairgrounds.

Tales of being a food tourist in Charlotte is in the Charlotte (N.C.) Observer here. Yes, you can eat around the world, says the writer, in the Queen City.

The Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal notes here the growing number of restaurants in the city which offer gluten-free menus that have creativity and flavor.

Want to eat sushi in a barn with a silo? Check this out from the Wilmington (N.C.) Star-News. It just makes me laugh.

You may be sitting in your little apartment right now thinking, “I sure do wish I could compost.” Wish no longer. A Triangle company will compost for those who can’t. Read more in Savor NC here.

There’s nothing cheesy about football season, except this appetizer recipe for the tailgate from the New Orleans Times Picayune. Follow along with Judy Walker in the video.

Kathy Hester turns an “oops” into an unusual soup at HealthySlowCooking. See how it happened.

Mantoo? I didn’t know what it was either, until I read Seattle Weekly, here. (Hint: Your Mama didn’t make, unless she was Afghan.)

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