Food news roundup

Hesitant cooks find it hard to freestyle at a farmers market. They clutch recipes like puzzle pieces and look for an exact fit. But traveling the aisles without a plan is liberating and allows you to use what’s best and fresh – and cooking seasonally may save you some money, too. The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) offers help to think outside the recipe box by following a chef through the State Farmers Market. Read more here. It’s in the Charlotte (N.C.) Observer, too, where Kathleen Purvis also tracks down a rumor about vendors at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market. The scoop is here.

Where there’s smoke, there’s a discussion of the myriad uses for smoked paprika, and it’s in the Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal here. I love the stuff. When I started using it, most people hadn’t heard of it – now it’s widely available. I will say, too much can overwhelm, so start small. And the longer you keep the jar, the stronger the smoky aroma and flavor becomes, and not always in a good way. Another reason to purchase fresh spices and herbs regularly.

ThePieDaily offers the recipe for the goodie that sold out first at the Triangle Food Blogger Bake Sale on Saturday in Durham. Of course, it contains chocolate.

Ever pulled out Mom’s ancient recipe for a cake, baked it and found it, well, awful? Happened to me with an apple cake recipe that was drowning in oil by today’s standards. A Portland, Ore., baker is trying to adapt vintage cake recipes to modern eaters. Read more in the Oregonian, here.

JanNorris doesn’t let a mere power failure stand between her and sweets. She offers no-bake dessert recipes here.

If you feel extra light and puffy today, that’s because it’s National Cheese Souffle Day. And I wouldn’t have known that without Eatocracy telling me so.

I have to say, one thing I have never thought about doing to strawberries is roasting them. But it occurred to LeitesCulinaria, and there are details.



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