From CSA to CSF

Here in Raleigh, we’re a mere three-hour drive from the beach, and about five hours from the Outer Banks. So, it was crazy how hard it used to be to find North Carolina seafood around here. It’s gotten easier, and is becoming even more convenient.

If you haven’t heard of a CSF, you probably will soon, It stands for Community Supported Fisheries, and is based on the popular CSAs – Community Supported Agriculture – for produce. The idea started in this state, according to North Carolina Sea Grant, and has spread along the East Coast. Most CSFs offer a choice of weekly or biweekly pickups and size of shares. Some offer a choice of receiving fish whole or filleted. Besides being an opportunity to get extremely fresh seafood, CSFs support a way of life on the North Carolina coast.

Many are now open for spring shares. Prices depend on the type of share selected. When considering a CSF, look at the kinds of seafood offered and convenience of the pickup sites, and gauge your family’s appetite for seafood. Also, find out what will happen if you can’t pick up your share on a given week.

Core Sound Seafood has pickup sites in Carrboro, Raleigh and Durham. Price: $112-$450 for 10-week season. More information here.

Walking Fish offers pickup on the Duke University campus and may add a Raleigh site in the future. Price: $91-$102 for 10-week season. More information here.

Locals Seafood has two pickup sites in Raleigh, and members can select shares from four weeks to 10 weeks. It also has a delivery option. Price: $84-$420. More information here.

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