Kohlrabi, daikon and me

OK, so I was rummaging through the refrigerator yesterday. It was Tuesday, and I was looking for parts from which to form a dinner that wouldn’t resemble Frankenstein. There was some leftover chicken cacciatore (from a recipe in Sara Foster’s wonderful book, “Fresh Every Day”), but I needed vegetables. In the bottom of the bin were, from my recent CSA box: about two cups of snow peas, two kohlrabi and two small daikon radishes.

Give me a power tool and I can assemble anything, so I pulled out the food processor and shredded one cabbagey-tasting kohlrabi and all the peppery daikon. I shredded two carrots as well, for sweetness and color (otherwise, the mixture was a dead white). Some onion might have been nice, but I couldn’t find any. I tossed the vegetables with a bottled spicy ginger miso salad dressing. The result was an Asian-tasting slaw that, although putting it next to the Italian chicken crossed all sorts of boundaries, was refreshing on the warm day. (The snow peas? I just steamed them and let it go.) Call it my Tuesday fusion.

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