Food news roundup

I dearly love to see young people cooking, and The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) today has an article about an 8-year-old who is a finalist in a national cooking contest. The theme ingredient: Peanut butter. Who would know more about peanut butter sandwiches than a kid? Read about her here. And if you didn’t catch the profile of Raleigh chef Ashley Christensen on Sunday, it’s here.

A Charlotte couple gets invited to a lot of parties, not because of their scintillating personalities, but because they bring “the crackers.” Find out the secret in the Charlotte (N.C.) Observer, here.

Here’s something I bet you never thought about: The history of ketchup. Yes, the condiment and erstwhile official vegetable. If you make your own, it raises ketchup from forgettable garnish to classy sauce. The Winston-Salem (N.C. ) Journal tells you how here. I have made ketchup before, from roasted bell peppers and roasted tomatoes, and it is excellent. Not like the bottled stuff at all. So, try it.

Shrimp burgers are a classic on the coasts of North and South Carolina. The Charleston (S.C.) Post and Courier has a recipe here.

Great Jimmy Buffett, how did I miss National Margarita Day? It was Tuesday, Feb. 22, according to But, Norris says, the date doesn’t really matter: “Margarita drinkers usually don’t need any excuse. Paint-drying parties. Rotated-tire-parties. I’m-wearing-clean-underwear celebrations. You get the drift.” She has recipes, too.

Sassy, sexy sesame seeds send ’em going on, with a Thai recipe.

I knew I shouldn’t, but I did. My fingers couldn’t resist. I clicked on the Milky Way Tart recipe on Sometimes, I just like to watch.

Are doughnuts the new cupcake? They are in New York, says the New York Times, here.

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