Baked goods for good

Hey, y’all, did you know that if you eat baked goods for a good cause, they have no calories? I’m a food professional. I know these things. That’s why you should come by the second Triangle Food Blogger Bake Sale on April 28, 10 a.m. to noon. Stay tuned for the location. Last year’s was near the Durham Farmers Market – and we raised $650 for  Share Our Strength‘s efforts to fight childhood hunger. The group will benefit this year as well.

If you want to participate, get out your best recipes (I’m thinking about something with blueberries this year) and visit here to sign up.

Baked goods for good

triangle food blogger bake sale

The first Triangle Food Blogger Bake Sale on Saturday raised $650 for Share Our Strength’s efforts to end childhood hunger. This in a mere two hours of sweet snacking in Durham, just steps away from the Durham Farmers Market. (Hey, you can’t live on organic bok choy alone.)

Sixteen area food bloggers, including your humble Moose, participated. The first item to sell out, not surprisingly, involved chocolate. Claire Cusick of ThePieDaily brought what she called Brassies: Miniature brownie pies based on pecan tassies. I should have remembered that chocolate will always go first and added some chocolate chips to my Bananaville Muffins, which I have posted on this blog in the past. The original recipe is here in bread form, but they muffin-ized quite nicely. I could point out that Claire claimed prime real estate for her Brassies, next to the ticket desk and free coffee, but that would just look like I’m riding the bitter bus.

I spotted a platter of red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing, and had flashbacks to seeing my grandmother dump an entire bottle of red food coloring into the batter when she made the cake. But Magie Lanz of MagiesNoms used beet juice to color her cakes, so they didn’t have that glow-in-the-dark look.

matt lardie & johanna kramer (right)

There were whoopie pies, sweet potato cookies with candied orange peel, maple-oatmeal scones, chocolate macaroons and brown butter blondies. Author Nancie MacDermott arrived with caramel cupcakes and two kinds of pie, buttermilk and rhubarb.

In spite of the dedicated eating, we did end up with some goodies left. Organizers Matt Lardie (GreenEats) and Johanna Kramer (DurhamFoodie) arranged for the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle to pick them up and deliver them to an area shelter.

Muffins and scones and biscotti – oh my

Your virtual sweet tooth can be satisfied in reality this Saturday, May 14, at the Triangle Food Blogger Bake Sale. (Note that the time is now 10 a.m. to noon, to pick up that Durham Farmers Market crowd.) It’s at Vega Metals, 214 Hunt Street in Durham.

A bunch of baking bloggers bearing baked goods will be there, including moi. Look for me with my Bananaville Muffins. Also there will be Nancie McDermott, Johanna Kramer and at least a dozen others. All the money raised goes to Share Our Strength to fight childhood hunger. For more information visit here.