I heart farmer’s markets

I could fashion an entire vacation around farmers markets. The only problem is – I want to purchase everything I see, take it home and cook it. A little difficult in a hotel room.

On my last day in Santa Fe, N.M. at the Association of Food Journalists’ conference, I (and many others) stopped at the Santa Fe farmers market. It’s considered one of the best in the country, and I won’t argue with that. I made breakfast out of a raspberry-oatmeal bar (oatmeal is a breakfast food, right?) and a beautiful flatbread stuffed with sauteed market greens. The flatbread came from a spot called The Intergalactic Bread Company and sold by a lovely woman in a sari who was not apparently Indian, but no matter. A nearby booth selling watermelon juice rounded things out.

The real star for people like me from elsewhere was the chile roaster. You could select the chiles of your choice for roasting in a rotating drum. Or you could take what they’d already roasted (still warm). I picked up two bags of a medium-hot chile and, on their advice, double-bagged and packed them in my checked luggage. When I got home, a TSA card noted that my suitcase had been examined. Wonder if those bomb-sniffing dogs caught a whiff? The chiles were still there, and are now in my freezer awaiting the right occasion.

Here’s a slideshow I did of my photos from the market.

Santa Fe Farmers Market with Association of Food Journalists