Food news roundup

An update on Fullsteam Brewery in Durham, N.C. and a story on a farmers market on the campus of Raleigh’s N.C. State University (written by your humble blogger) are in The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) today. Find both here. The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer highlights something that was bound to happen eventually: Cooks who cater the Passover Seder. The article is here (also in the N&O).

The Winston-Salem Journal has the tale of a former chef for a drag-racing team who now hosts a show on the Speed Channel called “The Racing Chef.” But no fast food from him – the article includes a recipe for hoisin-glazed pork that sounds good enough to get even Jimmy Johnson to slow down and eat. Catch it here.

I wonder if this doc would make house calls to North Carolina, because I want her to be mine – a Dallas physician started a chocolate business. Read about her in the Dallas Morning News, here.