Food News Roundup

My idea of camping is staying in a B&B with no TV, but others do not share my view. The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) has stories of people who do more than open bags of ramen noodles and trail mix at the campsite. I believe that beef brisket would taste just as good on my grill, mere steps from the air-conditioned comfort of my living room. But you decide here.

The nest is emptying at Kathleen Purvis’ house. Read her wonderful thoughts at the Charlotte (N.C.) Observer, here.

A quest for great-tasting tomatoes is underway at the Post and Courier (Charleston, S.C.) here. But do today’s tomatoes ever taste as good as the tomatoes of memory?

“Support your local shrimper” urges the Independent Weekly (Durham, N.C.) as it examines the shrimp industry in North Carolina and overseas. Read more here.

A matzoh ball taste-off went on at a Seattle restaurant. Find out the results in the Seattle Weekly, here.

Some friends of mine once approached the Food Network with a show, and were rejected like day-old sushi. Among other things, they were told they were too good at cooking and it would intimidate people. After a Florida chef’s idea got the boot, he decided to produce a show himself. Read more about “Yo, Cuz: The Italian-American Kitchen” at JanNorris.

How a li’l Yankee gal learned to love banana pudding is in NestMeg. Now, if we can get her to embrace grits.

And, because it’s summer….the Weinermobile! In Eatocracy.