Food news roundup

It’s Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay  – at the table. The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) has foods native to the areas, suitable for game-day serving. If necessary, you could probably stop an opposing player with that Pittsburgh pepperoni roll. Read more here.

At the Charlotte (N.C.) Observer, hear about a man who dedicated his photographic skills to documenting that crazed beast, the college football tailgater. “At LSU, I ate seven different kinds of animals,” he says. Read more here. (Wonder if one was groundhog; since that stinkin’ Sir Walter Wally saw his dern shadow today, I’m ready to make groundhog meatballs.)

There only thing less expensive than a good, cheap red wine is using up the last of the red wine left at your house by a Christmas party mob. But don’t take pot luck, look at the Independent Weekly’s (Durham, N.C.) picks.

There are more Super Bowl recipes at the Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal, but these state a concern for calories. The way I see it, it’s once a year, but if you’re worried, have at them here. Although the “wings” made from avocado slices seem a lit-tle strange.

The pork tacos and meaty chili at the Post and Courier (Charleston, S.C.) are more traditional for game day. Find the recipe here.

Is it girlie-man food or just a fresh approach to the Super Bowl menu? Decide for yourself at LeitesCulinaria. But at least he’s offering real wings.

Of course, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette is full of ways to plan your (Steelers-oriented) Super Bowl party. Here’s something wild: Aunt Elvira’s Roethlisberger Braunschweiger Ball. It’s a cheese ball, in case you were wondering.

And because I don’t personally have a dog in this fight, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes about the chef who cooks at the Packers’ training camp. Plus other stuff, including beer-flavored potato chips that will help you save snacking time by eating and drinking at once.

If you really don’t care about anything but the food, go Tex-Mex in honor of the location. The Dallas Morning News has a ton of tasty recipes here.

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