Beach dreams

In  January, The Hub and I receive the advance registration for the spot in Buxton, N.C. where we spend a week each May. Just seeing the envelope makes me want to be at the Outer Banks, although I know that, right now, the weather will be almost as stinky as it is here. At least it gives hope that spring is coming, and reminds me that it’s never too early to begin planning the all-important beach reading.

A classic soup there is what I always heard called Hatteras Clam Chowder, although it has other names. It’s made with broth, not cream or milk, and is packed with clams, onions and chunks of potato. Check out this recipe at Mariner’s Menu

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2 Responses to “Beach dreams”

  • Comment from Beth K.

    Thank you for the link to that recipe Debbie. When I was growing up in northeastern NC, my mother’s best friend used to make this clam chowder and I thought it was the best stuff I’d ever tasted. We just called it “Jean’s Clam Chowder” and thought she was terribly innovative to use instant potatoes for thickening (what can I say – this was the 60’s and early 70’s!). At some point she gave me her recipe (it’s practically identical to this one) and told me this is how they make it “at the beach”…’s been years since I’ve fixed it. I miss Jean (and her clam chowder) very much!

  • Comment from Debbie Moose

    The Mariners Menu site (and cookbook) has a lot of good traditional seafood recipes.

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