Food news roundup

Sorry for the late post. My site wasn’t cooperating yesterday. But a few burnt herbs on the keyboard and the right incantations, and all is well. Don’t have enough Christmas cookies yet? Fear not. The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer has pretty goodies that it swears aren’t hard to make. Read more here. It’s also in The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.), along with word here about a spot that makes ye olde mead. Quaff away.

And…thumbprint cookies in the Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal here. Boy, is Santa gonna need to hit the treadmill. It makes me remember my days in the food editor office, when people who usually used their ovens to store paper plates decided to have a homemade Dickens-Martha Stewart Christmas. It was in December when a caller asked me what the difference was between salted and unsalted butter.

Is there no place to escape the rampant cookies? Not at, where there is a recipe for dunkable, doughnut-shaped Armenian cookies.

The Independent Weekly (Durham, N.C.) chronicles a novice shopper’s search for stocking-stuffers that cost less than $5. You’d have to have a stocking fit for Dumbo to hold a box of beignet mix, but see the other ideas here.

It’s not too late to prepare homemade goodies, especially if you’re going to leave them at my house. The candy looks delightful in the Dallas Morning News, here.

Finally, the questions asked by millions is answered: What the heck is figgy pudding? It’s on CNN’s Eatocracy, here.

Back in my mother’s day, you couldn’t purchase a big package of chicken breasts. If you wanted parts, you had to take knife in hand and do it yourself. The Minneapolis Star Tribune details one woman’s face-off with a whole bird here.

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