Food news roundup

A freezer full of dinners – what a great holiday gift. The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) gives step-by-step instructions, focused on meals for retired parents. But it would be a nice idea for busy moms or harried caregivers, too. And the article makes it sound easy. It’s in the Charlotte (N.C.) Observer, too, along with a blog on the idea that recipes, like the pirate code, are really just guidelines.

Cocktails are back? Heck, they never left my house. Really, I know the refined mixed drink is making a resurgence (no bottled mixers or frozen daiquiri mixes). Read more in the Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal here.

Can you imagine not being able to lick the bowl when Mom is making cookies? That’s what happens when a kid is allergic to most of the things in the cookies. The Feed With Care column in the Independent Weekly (Durham, N.C.) solves the problem deliciously, and little fingers can go to town. It’s here.

Speaking of cookies – and who doesn’t like to do that? – the Chai Spice Girl cookies in the Post and Courier (Charleston, S.C.) look mighty good. A few of those left with your humble blogger would be nice. Also, Sean Brock of Husk will compete on Iron Chef America this Sunday. Read it all here.

Easy, breezy hummus is often overlooked as a party snack. It appears in our house a lot because, one, it’s good, and two, it contains no dairy that would trouble the dairy-allergic Hub. Find a simple recipe at

Cookies, cookies everywhere! Leite’s Culinaria has some beautiful ones, and by watching the slide show, you consume no calories whatsoever.

Even congresspeople need comfort. Old-fashioned junk-food spots have sprung up around the Capitol as thick as lobbyists, so says the New York Times. Read more here.

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