Food news roundup

The canning expertise of yours truly is mentioned in today’s News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) article on taking canning beyond the basics. Once you learn the important stuff – sterilized jars, pectin for jelling, etc. – it’s easy to branch out. I made some fig jam with vanilla and cinnamon this week. You can make jelly from virtually any liquid. Read the article here.

Over at the Charlotte (N.C.) Observer, Kathleen Purvis sings of smoothies. The hub and I are hooked on them, too. And they make a good little sweet something in the afternoon or evening as well as a breakfast. I like almond milk better than soy (for the non-dairy hub), and I add a scoop of soy protein powder to up the protein and make the smoothie more filling. Read more here.

It’s tomato time, and the Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal has a chef’s recipe for slow-drying them in the oven. Read more here.

You can sass up your summer salad with ideas from the Salisbury (N.C.) Post. I never considered a salad stuffed in green peppers, but it’s certainly pretty. Read more and recipes here.

Lunch may not be able to last forever, but it has lasted 30 years for a Dallas club. The Dallas Morning News has a story today of a neighborhood lunch club that has been going for three decades. Read more here.

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