Peaches. Ahhh.

Freestone peaches are in! No more wrenching out the pit on the clingstones (and half the peach with it). Few things are better than a ripe peach – the perfume, the juicy flesh. I like peaches that aren’t too sweet, but still have a little twang to them. Peaches, like many fruits, are becoming sweeter because that’s what the public’s soda-soaked taste buds want. But you can still get some that have that balance of sweet and a little tart.

Now, I can indulge in one of my favorite summer lunches: Sliced ripe peaches, chunks of fresh mozzarella and shreds of prosciutto, all resting on a little bit of salad greens and sprinkled lightly with olive oil and lemon juice. I’m a Southern girl, and can’t resist the sweet-salty. And it’s like dessert and lunch all in one bowl.

Time to make peach jam soon, very soon.

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