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A couple more cookbooks have arrived at my desk. They’re very different, but each interesting. “New Orleans Home Cooking” by Dale Curry is exactly what the name suggests. Most of the recipes are simple and seem like the sorts of things a home cook would put together for Sunday dinner or a weeknight meal. Some are Southern standards (Chicken and Dumplings, Buttermilk Biscuits) rather than typical New Orleans food, but they all fit together. The Italian-seasoned Baked Oysters may end up on my holiday menu.

My husband had a small fit when he saw “The Fallingwater Cookbook: Elsie Henderson’s Recipes and Memories” by Suzanne Martinson with Jane Citron and Robert Sendall. He really doesn’t like Frank Lloyd Wright, the architect of the unique home in Pittsburgh. But Wright’s fans are way more numerous, and they may enjoy this cookbook that shows the house from another perspective. Henderson was the longtime cook for the home’s owners. In the 15 years that she cooked at Fallingwater, she prepared only one meal for the architect himself, and the recipe, for a crab salad, is included. There are also recipes from Sendall, a chef who produced special events at the house; Citron, a cooking instructor; and Mary Ann Moreau, former chef of the Cafe at Fallingwater.

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