Food news roundup

I like to keep my iced tea simple, but if you’re the type that wants to gussy it all up, today’s News & Observer (Raleigh N.C.) is for you. There are numerous recipes that stray from the straight and narrow. Read them here.

Kathleen Purvis tastes a plate of piggy happiness at a South Carolina barbecue joint. Read about it in The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer, here.

I’m glad to see beets getting some love in the Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal, here. I believe they are the second most popularly maligned vegetable, after okra. So unfair. Scrub them and roast them like potatoes, and you’ll change your mind. Just tell the kids they’re “red potatoes.”

A store in Charleston, S.C. sells cheeses made in all 50 states. Curd your enthusiasm and read about it in the Post and Courier, here.

Blackberries are just beginning to arrive at our farmers markets, but it’s high season for them in Texas right now. The Dallas Morning News has recipes and suggestions for handling the bumpy fruit here.

It’s like hearing someone say there’s no Santa Claus to read today’s Washington Post. You know those free-range, cage-free, bug-eating chickens roaming so many backyards nowadays? (There were so many stops on the recent Tour De Coop of backyard chicken coops in Raleigh, N.C. that I couldn’t visit them all.) The Post found in taste tests that the eggs they produce have no flavor differences from supermarket eggs, despite how much we rave about fresh eggs. Read it all here.

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  • Comment from Martha

    Remember the sign at Billy’s Fish House in Buxton? “You’ll smile with tile.”

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