Asheville: Eatin’ town

Something called has declared Asheville one of the “10 surprising food cities.” It’s hard to tell just by looking around what the criteria are for inclusion – or even what the site, created by Journal Communications in Milwaukee, Wisc., is all about. (A reference to “our friends at Mayflower and United Van Lines” might be a clue; relocation info is offered.) But whatever the site is about, if you’ve been to Asheville in recent years, you know what a great food town it has become. It boasts as many microbreweries in the city limits as the Triangle has in the entire area. Farmers markets and local foods abound. There’s overall good eatin’ and a growing focus on local ingredients. While anyone can put together a top 10 list and declare a place the most whatever in the country, there’s some legitimacy to highlighting Asheville.

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2 Responses to “Asheville: Eatin’ town”

  • Comment from kathleen purvis

    Oh no — they’re catching on. Now I’ll never be able to score a breakfast table at Tupelo Honey. I’ve believed for years that Asheville is one of the coolest food cities in the country. Walkable and gorgeous, too.

    Let’s make sure the travel blogs don’t learn another secret: Forget fall. It’s too crowded. The best time to go to the N.C. mountains is spring. It’s even prettier than fall, and every road isn’t clogged with leafpeepers in convertibles. Viva la dogwoods!

  • Comment from Debbie Moose

    Amen, sistah! No, all y’all reading this, don’t go there. Stay away. The altitude makes your ears pop. Sigh – it’s probably too late….everyone’s headed there…They have great beer, too.

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