Winter, here’s your eviction notice

I look out my office window into a mackerel-colored sky, anticipating yet another round of snow, and know I am

soup. like we need more.

soup. like we need more.

done with this winter. And its food. The endless bowls of warming vegetable soup. The comfort-foodiness of roasted stuff. The supposedly soothing smell of baking bread.

Usually, winter is fun in the kitchen here. Playing with winter foods, like big, chunky squashes, is a change of pace. We North Carolinians know that winter’s lease hath a blessedly short date. Except for this one, which has apparently signed a month-by-month extension.

I want to trade chewy kale for fresh basil, starchy bananas for tender strawberries and corn bread for sweet corn. I want to divorce the oven and pledge my troth to my grill.

I need a beverage with a little umbrella in it. Putting one in a bowl of chili isn’t the same, believe me.

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