Chicken soup vs. tomato soup

I’ve been socked by a winter cold. The symptoms include snorting water buffalo sounds coming from my nose and a desire to watch the Olympic curling competition (probably because it would induce sleep even through a throbbing headache and complete congestion). One disadvantage of getting a cold now that I’m over 50 is that I can’t tell if I’m running a fever or if it’s just another hot flash.

When I was growing up, the choice in the kitchen for a cold cure was tomato soup, not chicken soup. It’s what I always want when I’m sick. Even now, after years of making chicken soup from scratch and enjoying it (matzo balls, too), I need that bowl of canned, condensed red. I’m sure it’s as much for comfort as anything else. We all want to be babied by our mommies when we’re sick, no matter how old and self-reliant we are. And eating what Mom used to feed us brings back a little of that. But most people I know are firmly in the chicken-soup-as-cold-remedy camp. Many are repelled by my need for tomato soup (you don’t mess with people’s childhood memories, I guess).

Well, you sip your soup, I’ll sip mine.

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