Garlic and Thanksgiving

Hey, anyone really load up the garlic in their Thanksgiving meal? Or is that too radical an idea for the sweet potato-marshmallow crowd? Garlic in the dressing? Better than sage, I think. Pickled garlic on the relish tray? (You DO have an relish tray, don’t you?) I think this could be the best advancement in Thanksgiving meals since the deep-fried turkey.

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2 Responses to “Garlic and Thanksgiving”

  • I put garlic in almost everything I cook that isn’t dessert! I find that just a hint of it adds to the compexity of many, many foods. So I’d say definitely go with a little in the stuffing/dressing! Your turkey will thank you!

  • Comment from Debbie

    The more garlic, the better I like it! We usually deep-fry our turkey, but I’m considering going back to old-school roasting this year. But frying sure does get the menfolk in the yard and out from underfoot!

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