Food News Roundup

I don’t have a lot of personal familiarity with block parties, unless you count my childhood neighborhood, where people would wander from yard to yard on Saturday summer evenings. Houses without air conditioning may have had something to do with it – no one wanted to go into the hot boxes. According to the Charlotte (N.C.) Observer, good block parties are a blend of serendipity and one person’s drive. Read more here. It’s in The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) too, along with the tale of a trio of beef lovers who have started a burger blog. Read about that here.

One thing that has thrived in this searing summer is peppers, and the Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal has ways to stuff your jalapenos.  Find the recipes here.

For better, for worse and for dinner – maybe that should be part of the vows couples make. Adapting to the food likes, dislikes and quirks of a loved one can be difficult for an omnivore. And if the couple is lucky enough for time to go on, the effort becomes a moving target. One becomes obsessed with sushi while the other can’t stand even the sight of fish. One develops an allergy to a food that permeates the other’s cooking style. One endures chemotherapy that whacks out the taste buds, as the other searches for something, anything that will tempt and please. GreenEatsBlog probably didn’t mean to get me thinking about all this, but I read it by the light of changes friends are enduring – and 30 years with The Hub (if we make it until next Tuesday).

Thought about sardines lately? Me, neither. But they’ve been pondering the oily fish at the Portland Oregonian, and here are the results.

It’s the start of state fair season, and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has winning recipes from the Wisconsin state fair here, including Pina Colada Truffles.

The blast furnace has been turned down a little lately, but it can still come roaring back – we can even see 100s in September around here. The Kansas City Star offers cured salmon recipes great for those days here.



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