Food news roundup

People tend to call every kind of homemade Southern relish chowchow. When someone refers to my homemade vegetable relish as “chowchow” I must correct them, and confiscate their jar, if they’ve received one. My relish is not chowchow. An article in The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer and The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) points out that my friends and I aren’t the only ones confused about chowchow. But it’s, basically, a melange of vegetables in pickled form that uses up what’s in the backyard garden. I happen to believe that it typically includes cabbage, which is where my problem lies – I don’t care for pickled cabbage unless it’s masked in the fire of kimchi. Read more here. And if you want my relish recipe, you’ll have to ask nicely.

Also in the Charlotte Observer, a great idea: a food book club. Read more here.

How does someone go from volunteering with the Black Panthers to making organic cookies? Find out in the Independent Weekly (Durham, N.C.) here.

About 250 people attended the Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal’s Slice of Summer tomato tasting and voted on their favorites. I believe any home-grown tomato is the best tomato, actually. But find out who the winners were here.

For 57 years, an event involving the cooking of tons of Alaskan salmon has been drawing food fans – 4,200 of them this year – to a small Utah town. Find out about it in the Salt Lake Tribune, here.

NestMeg conquers chicken and biscuits and proves you can put the Southern in a Yankee girl. (By the way, hire her; she’s looking for a job.)

Finally, personal validation. The always-interesting Eatocracy explains that you can drink red wine cold, and they don’t mean Cold Duck.

Over at KitchenScoop, they’re chilling with sorbets using figs. Ummm…..figs. I must have figs. Give me all your figs.

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    Wow. With that kind of endorsement, I expect my inbox will be overwhelmed these next few days! Thank you!!!

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