Food news roundup

Today’s News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) offers ways to think more creatively about the old slow-cooker. One author calls it “an Easy-bake oven for grownups.” The ideas sure are creative. Directions for smoking brisket in a slow-cooker sound doable. But to prepare creme brulee in the pot, you have to find a heat-resistant dish that will fit inside. And to make lasagna, you have to, basically, cook everything first. For me, the appeal of the slow-cooker is that I can toss things in it on a busy day and dinner comes out. But see if these ideas percolate with you.

The article is in the Charlotte (N.C.) Observer as well, along with Kathleen Purvis’ plea for us all to relax about meal planning. Her no-stress ideas are here.

Because my friend Martha is a gigantic Avett Brothers fan, I have to mention “Lunch with Joe Kwon” in the Independent Weekly (Durham, N.C.). He’s the one who’s not an Avett brother, with the cello and the food blog. Read more here.

The Salisbury (N.C.) Post explores the role genetics play in nutrition and weight. It’s like I’ve always said: I picked the wrong parents. Find your excuse here.

So, you have a blog and think you can be the next publishing sensation? It’s not as easy as “Julie and Julia” makes it look, so says the Austin American-Statesman, here.

I know it’s the day after Fat Tuesday and we’re supposed to be showing restraint, but that was before I hard of paczki. According to the Detroit News, they’re Polish doughnuts that are to Detroit what king cake is to New Orleans. Read more here.

Well, well – a trend that we had before the Left Coast. The San Francisco Chronicle says that fried pickles are popping up around the city. Read more here.

No green beer. Think authentic Irish when planning your St. Patrick’s Day meal this year. There are some ideas in the Kansas City Star, here.

Guy Fieri will have to find another way to pick up that takeout. His $200,000 Lamborghini (chrome yellow) was stolen in San Francisco, so says Must…fight…urge…to…snark…


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