Food news roundup

Great cooking runs in the family for Mildred Council, the founder of Mama Dip’s in Chapel Hill, N.C. The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) has an article on food projects by her daughter and granddaughter here. Mama Dip’s has been offering fried chicken, fried green tomato biscuits and greens for 34 years.

Part-time carnivores, flexitarians – whatever you want to call them, more people are going meatless…sometimes. The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer says that eating habits aren’t either-or anymore. Reasons for occasional vegetarians include health and finances. Read more here. The article is also in The News & Observer.

Stop the presses – or the bytes, since we’re on the Internet here. Hot news from the Independent Weekly (Durham, N.C.): We’re drinking more wine. Well, you have to do something if you’re eating less meat. Read more here.

Being frugal didn’t start with the current recession. Food cultures all over the world have ways to use leftovers, and fried rice is a big one. The Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal has tips on making the dish here. One secret: Don’t use freshly made rice.

I often sigh in relief when I remember, at the prospect of a busy day, that I have my slow-cooker. has a great-sounding recipe for chicken with artichokes.

Root vegetable gratin anyone? LeitesCulinaria has your cheesy needs. I’m drawn to photographs of anything covered in crusty, browned, drippy cheese. The dairy-allergic Hub means I am so deprived. Drool.

Back to those plant eaters. The Portland Oregonian has slow-cooker recipes for vegans. Yes, beans. Read more here.

You may not want to look at these pictures of Paula Deen on the Today Show blog before eating. Note how she never spills a drop of that red wine.

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2 Responses to “Food news roundup”

  • Comment from VaNC

    I saw the post for vegan slow-cooker recipes and got kinda excited until I read them. When I think of slow cooker recipes, I think of easy. Get a couple ingredients, dump them in a slow cooker, leave, come back to great meal. What I don’t consider proper slow cooker recipes are ones where you do a bunch of prep before in a saute pan, etc. and then put in a slow cooker. Williams-Sonoma came out with a slow cooker book a couple years ago that got raves and they all required tons of cooking on the stove before you even turned on the slow cooker. What good is the slow cooker in these situations? Where is the convenience? Isn’t this just the same as the good old fashioned oven braise?

    Am I the only one that is confused by this?

  • Comment from Debbie Moose

    I’ve had similar experiences. If I can’t MOSTLY dump it in, what’s the advantage of using a slow-cooker? Now, soaking beans is OK. Baked beans are really stellar in the slow-cooker. Especially with plenty of bacon. ; )

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